KY General Assembly 2015 Regular Session Alcohol Bills List (PDF) - updated 2015-03-25

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SB 133 (BR-855): AN ACT relating to driving under the influence. "Ignition Interlock Bill" - Senator McGarvey, Westerfield, Schroder
  1. Replace the current hardship license system with an ignition interlock system for DUI convicted offenders

  2. The final version does not require first time DUI offenders to have the Ignition Interlock devices installed unless there is an aggravating circumstance, such as excessive speed or drunk driving with a child in the car

  3. Signed by the Governor.  Passed the House 37-1.  Passed the Senate 34-2.

HB 168 (BR-353): AN ACT relating to incompatible licenses. "3 Tier System" Bill - Rep. Stumbo, Meyer, Wuchner, Bell, Kay, Combs, Palumbo, Steele, Meredith, Tiley, St. Onge, Santoro, Flood, Brown, Westrom
  1. This bill relates to protecting the Three Tier System of alcohol sales regulation

  2. Prohibit a beer producer or out-of-state malt beverage licensee from also having a distributor's license and distributing their own products

  3. Signed by the Governor.  Passed by the House 67-31.  Passed by the Senate 23-13.

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