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2016 U.S. Surgeon General's Facing Addiction in America Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health Released

In 2015, over 27 million people in the United States reported current use of illicit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs, and over 66 million people (nearly a quarter of the adult and adolescent population) reported bingeidrinking in the past month.1 Alcohol and drug misuse and related disorders are major public health challenges that are taking an enormous toll on individuals, families, and society. Neighborhoods and communities as a whole are also suffering as a result of alcohol- and drug-related crime and violence, abuse and neglect of children, and the increased costs of health care associated with substance misuse. It is estimated that the yearly economic impact of substance misuse is $249 billion for alcohol misuse and $193 billion for illicit drug use.  For the full report, see:


Parents of College Bound Youth: Don't Let Go Too Soon Infographics & Resources Available at

RBS_Bottle_Cap_97_web_96dpi.pngBeaver Dam (Ohio County), Cumberland County, and Jackson (Breathitt County) recently passed a Mandated Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) Training Ordinance.  As of August 2016, there are 97 RBS Ordinances in Kentucky.

July 2016 - NEW KY ABC Wet-Dry Map at

July 2016 - Powdered Alcohol is Banned in Kentucky KRS 241.010; KRS 244.652 (effective 2016-07-15)

  • Powdered or crystal alcohol is illegal. Powdered alcohol is similar to "Kool-aid" or "Crystal Light" as it is a powder that can be mixed with water to produce an alcoholic beverage drink. Kentucky, like many other states, has now banned this product.

Kentucky Alcohol Impaired Driving Prevention Infographics
now available with new data from the Kentucky State Police on Impaired Driving in Kentucky (2016-08)
Download the 2014-2015 KY Compliance Check Data Report by Region and County (produced by the Alcohol PES, data courtesy of the KY ABC)
Jan 27, 2016, Alcohol PES Update - keep up with the latest news and information on alcohol prevention in Kentucky
Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway asked Phusion to lower the alcohol content in Four Loko
Anheuser Busch transfers 2 KY distributorships after the 2015 KY State Legislature passed a bill to uphold the state's historic three-tier alcohol regulatory system. 
  • Impaired_Driving-_Ignition_Interlocks_Banner.pngPublic Health Goals of the Three-Tier System: (1) Deter undue producer influence on retailers; (2) Reduce competition and maintain an orderly market to restrict quantity discounting and maintain minimum prices; (3) Protect small retailers; and (4) Deter sales to minors
Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Ignition Interlock Bill



Hand_Sanitizer_for_web.jpgU.S. Poison Control Center Calls related to kids younger than 12 ingesting hand sanitizer for a buzz have increased 400% since 2010 
The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends parents talk with their kids about alcohol by age 9
CAMY Alcohol Preemption Tool - What can my community do about alcohol outlets?
College_Drinking_is_a_BIG_DEAL-_NIAAA_Matrix.jpgCollege Drinking is a BIG DEAL!  NIAAA's College Intervention Matrix can help
Teen Binge Drinking Linked to Long Term Brain Changes (The Journal of Neuroscience)
“Talk. They Hear You.” Avatar Guides Parents in Talking About Alcohol (SAMHSA)Kids_getting_buzz_w_vanilla_extract.jpg
The Doctor's TV investigates "How Kids are Sneaking Alcohol" using everyday products like Vanilla Extract and Gummy Bears
"Today's Alcohol" - Higher Alcohol Content, Supersized Single Servings, Sweet Flavors, and Powdered and Vaporized Forms (NABCA Guide, 2015)
Students in Zimbabwe use breakfast cereal to make alcohol (USA Today)


Four_Loko_Red-Yellow_Image.jpgGeneral Mills pairs kids cereals with beer - Cerealious Count Chocula Beer & HefeWheaties

Phusion launches Four Loko Gold

At 14% ABV and 23.5 oz., Four Loko Gold contains 5.5 standard drinks in one single-serve container, the highest alcohol content of all Four Loko products.

3-Tier System Under Siege by AB InBev

"November 6, 2014
Not only is AB InBev guzzling up craft brewers all over the country, they are also buying the related brewpubs, effectively removing the middle tier and setting themselves up as retailers as well. So much for the so-called protections of the 3-tier system.

AB InBev to Acquire Oregon Craft Brewer Purchase of 10 Barrel Brewing Is Company’s Latest Move to Tap U.S. Craft-Beer Industry Wall Street Journal  By Mike Esterl  November 5, 2014"

Singer Promotes Her Own Pot-Infused Wine

Melissa Etheridge, singer/songwriter, breast cancer survivor, and proponent of medical marijuana use, is launching her own brand of marijuana-infused wine, placing her name on a mixture of 2 potentially harmful drugs for profit.