Law_Enforcement.pngCOMPLIANCE CHECKS

Compliance Checks are designed to address the retailers who are licensed to sell alcohol and to ensure that they are not providing alcohol to minors under-21. 

Download the 2014-2015 KY Compliance Check Data Report by Region and County (produced by the Alcohol PES, data courtesy of the KY ABC)

Download KY ABC Investigative Aid Application

Youth ages 18 to 20 may apply to work with the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control and/or local law enforcement as under-cover operatives in these investigations. 

The goals of a compliance check:

  • Determine which stores are adhering to the 21 age drinking age law
  • Help to increase compliance rates at retail stores
  • Issue tickets and fines for stores not complying with laws
  • Youth develop relationship with local law enforcement
  • Work together as a youth coalition

Compliance checks, when done regularly, send a message to retailers that they must follow the laws with regards to selling alcohol. If they refuse to comply with the laws, they will face stiff penalties, including fines and the possible loss of their liquor license.

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RBS_new_3.jpgReport an Alcohol Sales Violation

Anyone can report a suspected violation to ABC Enforcement by one of the following methods:

  • · Call 502-564-4850 ext. 1038 or toll free 1-888-847-7222
  • · Submit a complaint form
  • · Email alcohol sales violations to Amy Rawlins
  • · Submit a written letter to:

    Attn: Enforcement Division
    Alcoholic Beverage Control
    1003 Twilight Trail
    Frankfort, KY 40601-8400

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Conducting Compliance Check OperationsKY_Alcohol_Laws-_Home_page_Icon.jpg

Click here to learn about a free Federal online training provided by the Federal Government for Law Enforcement on Conducting Compliance Check Operations