Powdered Alcohol: A Public Health Perspective

Kentucky Community Awareness Guide (updated 2016-04-05)

Kentucky 2016 SB11 Fact Sheet by the KY ABC - KY Powdered Alcohol Ban (2016-07)

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In April 2014, the U.S. Alcohol Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB) approved labels for a new powdered alcohol product called Palcohol.  Within two weeks of product approve, the TTB issued a statement that the label approvals were issued in error.  In March 2015, the TTB approved the revised labels for Palcohol, allowing the product to be sold legally in the United States, unless otherwise probited. -- Click here to visit the "History" page for more information.

31+ States have banned Powdered Alcohol

As of July 2016, more than 31 states, including Kentucky, have banned powdered alcohol through state statute.  Three other states have banned powdered alcohol through agency regulation.  (National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) & the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA)) -- See State Regulations & Bans for more information.

Kentucky_State_Blue_for_web.pngPowdered Alcohol Status in KY - BANNED

Powdered Alcohol is Banned KRS 241.010; KRS 244.652

Powdered or crystal alcohol is illegal. Powdered alcohol is similar to "Kool-aid" or "Crystal Light" as it is a powder that can be mixed with water to produce an alcoholic beverage drink. Kentucky, like many other states, has now banned this product.

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  1. Kentucky General Assembly 2016 Regular Session:

    • HB43is currently in the House Licensing and Occupations Commitment, and seeks toprohibit powdered or crystalline alcoholic beverage products.  This bill was not passed.
    • SB11 to forbid any person to possess, sell, or offer for sale, or use any powdered or crystalline alcoholic beverage productpassed the Senate on 01/14/16 with a 29-8 vote, then passed the House on 03/25/16 with a 76-20 vote with Committee Substitute (1) and floor amendment (2).  The Senate concurred on 03/29/16, and passed the measure 31-6.  The bill was delivered to the Governor on 03/29/16, and the Governor later signed the bill into law declaring powdered alcohol banned in Kentucky (effective July 2016).
    • CLICK HERE to view an updated list of alcohol-related bills proposed during the 2016 Kentucky Regular Session (*For information purposes only).

Public Health Concerns:

Numerous concerns have been raised since powdered alcohol was initially approved as a product in the U.S. meant for human consumption.  Click here to learn more.